Saturday, 12 January 2008


Ten years ago I came across a illustrated Freemasonry book, called Freemasonry by W. Kirk MacNulty, in my local library and glancing through it, out of idle curiosity, I was surprised to find I was able to pick out Goddess symbolism within Mason images. Which I thought was a paradox; because Freemasonry is suppose to be a male dominated secret society. So why would an organization that purposely has steadfastly refused to allow female members within its ranks for hundreds of years, use Goddess symbolism? It didn’t make sense.
I am myself am not a Freemason so any knowledge and understanding from this book, comes only from my interpretation of Mason symbols. Though I have had a deep interest in Goddess religions for nearly 40 years, so I am looking at Freemasonry from this point of view. Yet if my interpretations of the symbols are correct, they tell a very different story about Freemasonry, than what the general public is led to believe. Goddess worship is not usually connect with Freemasonry, yet they even had the audacity to erect a giant statue of a Sun Goddess in New York harbour, which they called the Statue of Liberty.
Since then I have discovered I am not alone in realising there is a hidden Goddess within Freemasonry. I have since gone on the Internet and by simply typing - Goddess, Freemasonry - in a search engine I have found web sites saying very much the same thing. Many it seems from ex-Freemasons. Though I have to say these people seem to have a different perspective to what I have. Mostly they seem to be fundamentalist Christians who believe strongly that the Bible is the word of God. Then they become Freemasons and were shocked to discover that its roots are Pagan. Some of these men have gone as far as accusing Freemasons of being Satanist. I have also found more recently, books by Freemasons themselves who admit the presents of Goddess worship within Freemasonry, like. - Turning The Hiram Key by Robert Lomas, Talisman by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval , The Secret Zodiacs of Washington DC by David Ovason and The Goddess, The Grail and The Lodge, and The Virgin And The Pentacle both books by Alan Butler.
Now personally I am not a Christian myself. I very much believe in the teachings of Jesus but disagree with many of the teachings in the Old Testament and in the later teachings of his apostles. I have studied, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Paganism, Sufi, New Thought, New Age and mysticism and learnt from all these different spiritual teachings. I believe the difference between religions is cultural. So no one religion or sect has a greater truth than another, because different spiritual teachings fit the mindset of different cultures and people.
My main interest is the ancient worldwide religion of the Great Mother, which I believe has been preserved in the Tao-Te-Ching, the Hindu sect Tantra, the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament and now it seems in Freemasonry. So this is the viewpoint I have when I look at Freemasonry symbols. I don’t have any interest whether the Freemasons are non-Christian or even Devil worshipers. I am dubious about the conspiracy theories that Freemasons secretly rule the world. Though I don’t reject this all together, as a surprisingly large number of political, industrial, banking and religious leaders seem to be Freemasons.
I have no doubt that the Freemasons do work behind the scenes influence world events, but I doubt if Freemasons are completely united in their aims and I don’t believe its leaders are the evil supermen as portrayed by conspiracy theorists. You only have to look at the state of the world is in to realise that the world is ruled by very mediocre people with limited intelligence and imagination. I suppose many people prefer the idea they we are ruled by evil supermen than the thought that we could be ruled by people who are out of their depth and don’t really know what they are doing. Yet I also have to admit that the world today is far better ruled, than back in the Middle Ages, so I do see signs of progress.
The main focus of this book is to show how Freemasonry uses the symbolism of a very ancient Goddess religion that goes back to the Neolithic age. So its roots may be very ancient. Though whether Freemasonry in a Goddess religion in reality, or they have inherited ancient symbols they no longer understand, I don’t know. The truth is probably a mixture of both, as I will explain later.

I was once accused by a Freemason of being too simplistic in my interpretation of Mason symbols. This Mason symbolic drawing answers this criticism as it’s meaning is K.I.S.S (Keep it simple stupid). We see two seekers searching for the Sun Goddess, one path is full of symbolism and complex ideas, while the other path is clear and leads straight to the Sun Goddess. The highly educated mason with all his complex ideas is on a path that leads no-where. While the other seeker is has his eyes fixed firmly on the Sun Goddess and looks no-where-else and his path leads straight to Her.
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SierraBloom said...

>>>I doubt if Freemasons are completely united in their aims and I don’t believe its leaders are the evil supermen as portrayed by conspiracy theorists. You only have to look at the state of the world is in to realise that the world is ruled by very mediocre people with limited intelligence and imagination. <<<

William, I believe the state of the world to be all part of their devious plan. I think they are playing the masses MUCH more than people realize... like a giant chess game. IE: food, weather, wars, politics, satanism, sacred geometry, patriarchal religions where males birth life, Bohemian Grove, Underground cities for the elite, The Burning Times, the Industrial revolution, chem trails, fluoride etc ... actually I believe these "boyz clubz" have been plotting this plan for many centuries.

Pizza Dreme said...
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