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Chapter Three - The Eye Of The Goddess

The above are images of the “all seeing eye” or the “eye of god”. Again frequently used by Freemasons and displayed right at the top of many of their symbolic drawings. The problem with this image is, why has god got one eye? Some claim it is, “the eye of Horus”, but this is not an answer, as it doesn’t explain why the God Horus in inflicted with just a single eye? It would be more sensible to show him with two eyes because a one eyed person is seen in popular sayings as a very biased or bigoted person. So is this a comment on bigoted Christianity? Where some Christians assume that God is very judgmental and intolerant?
It might be, but again it can be seen as another vagina symbol. In popular sayings a woman’s vagina is also called an eye, because it has the same shape. In other words, it is another symbol of the sacred vagina that from all life is created. Back in the Neolithic age archaeologists have found what is called “Eye Goddesses” these were Goddesses with very prominent eyes. In Mesopotamia she was known as the Goddess Mari, those eyes searched men’s souls. In Egypt she was the Goddess Maat (Mother) and was the deity of truth and Justice and had an “all seeing eye”.

According to Masons – The All-Seeing Eye is one of the oldest hieroglyphics of the Deity. The triangle also is a cabalistic symbol of the most remote antiquity... In other words both the, “All-Seeing Eye” and the triangle are symbols of the ancient Great Mother.

The picture above is of the US Dollar note, it is universally accepted that the images on it are Freemason symbols.
The problem with this image is that it has 13 stars above the eagle that also carries 13 arrows in one of this claws, while on the other claw is a olive branch with 13 leaves on it. There are also 13 bars and stripes in the shield and there are 13 letters in "E Plurabus Unum" on the ribbon clenched in the Eagle's jaw. Now people believe that 13 is a very unlucky number. To the degree that many hotels in USA do not have a number 13 room or floor. So what is a country like the USA doing having this unlucky number so many times on one of its bank notes? The official line is that there were 13 states of the Union when USA became independent from Britain; this is why there are 13 stripes on the USA flag. The problem is that the 13 stripe flag is older than the USA. It was first used by the East India Company, which was started back in 1600 and become the most powerful international company in the world in the 18th century. Though why the USA adopted the East India Company’s flag is never explained. So what is so important about the number 13?
One explanation is that the French King, Phillip IV, destroyed the Knights Templar on Friday March 13. Suggesting a connection between the Knights Templar, the East India Company and the Freemasons. But the importance of the number 13 is very ancient and goes back to Neolithic times and perhaps ever older when the first calendars were constructed. It is of interest that scientists have found that in Neolithic times and even back in the times of the Old Stone Age, people then were obsessed with creating calendars. The most famous being Stonehenge but there was many stone circles built in Britain, Ireland, and France before Stonehenge. Scientists have even discovered markings on bone that clearly show Stone Age people keeping track of the phases of the moon 30 thousand years ago. So why was Stone-Age people so obsessed with time and the phases of the moon? A obvious reason would be that Stone-Age women probably worked out that their menstruation period roughly fitted in with the phases of the moon.
The months of the year originally come from the cycles of the moon and there are 13 lunar months every year. Which worked out well, as every month was 28 days which is exactly 4 weeks, while 28 x 13 = 364, which is only 1¼ days short of 365¼ days in a year. In ancient times women became associated with the moon, because their menstrual period also takes about the same time as a lunar month. So the 13 months of the year was seen in ancient civilisations as a very feminine symbol. When patriarchy took complete control they adopted a 12-month calendar instead, to rid itself of any feminine association in our calendar. Unfortunately when 12 goes into 365 we have 5 days left over instead of one. The result is we now have a hotchpotch of a calendar with some months being 30 days and others 31 and only one month was left at 28 days. While the days in a week no longer correspond with the days in a month, as 30 or 31 days do not fit in with the 7-day week.
So the number thirteen is strongly associated with the feminine in a time before patriarchy. It is also of interest that Friday the 13th is unlucky because Friday was named after the Nordic Goddess Freya. So it means that later patriarchal religions in an effort to discredit Goddess religions associated the feminine and Goddesses with bad luck. Thirteen is also in the New Testament. Jesus had 12 disciples but if we add Jesus to this we have a group of 13 people. Which is interesting, as traditionally a Witch’s coven is 13 Witches.
Masons themselves claim that the Eagle on the Great Seal is used to represent the Phoenix. We see in the picture the Eagle flying upwards, which is suppose to be, “the Phoenix rising from the ashes”. Now in its original form the Phoenix was feminine. The original story is of the death of the Goddess and her triumphal return. It is also a death and rebirth story we see a lot in Pagan religions and even in Christianity with the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.
This picture on the next page is the image on the other side of the USA one-dollar note. And again we find 13 rows of stones in the pyramid below the Masonic "All-seeing Eye" and 13 letters in 'Annuit Caeptis', which means "God has prospered”.

In the image above we have a steep sided pyramid far steeper that the tradition type of pyramid of ancient Egypt and South America. So the pyramid is more like that of a steeple of a church, which is a clear phallic symbol. The steeple goes back to pagan times when patriarchal cults would carve large penises to symbolise potent Gods like Pan. Even today in Hinduism the God Siva is still worshipped as a phallic symbol. This also goes back to Ancient Egypt, as a symbol of the Sky Goddess Nut mating with the earth god Geb. With images of Geb lying of the ground with his penis standing up straight and Nut representing the sky arching over him.
[The above picture comes from ancient Egypt; unfortunately many images like this were destroyed by Christians who objected to symbolic images showing sexual union.]

It may even be the original reason for the pyramids. I know a pyramid is not much of a phallic symbol but the Egyptians did attempt to build taller steeper side pyramids until they discovered they were unstable. So the pyramids may be very large phallic symbol worthy of a Great Goddess and may be there attempt to attract her back to earth.

In this image the point of the pyramid or steeple is cut off and we have a capstone that is separated from the rest of the pyramid. Suggesting that if the lower section is Freemasonry then the upper section is another organization. Within the capstone is the single eye, which is a vagina symbol. Suggesting that the capstone represents a Goddess organisation. So this whole imagine seems to be saying that above the patriarchal Freemason organisation is a Goddess organisation. Another meaning for this is that the pyramid is unfinished, symbolising the unfinished work of the Freemasons. We see similar symbolism in the Mason story of Solomon’s Temple that plays a major part in their initiation ceremonies.
We also have similar imagery in Christian Churches as the steeple is a clear phallic symbol and Gothic arches are a vagina symbol, even to the extent of where some medieval churches in Europe show a symbol of the clitoris at the top of the Gothic arch entrances. This is very similar to ancient Goddess temple or caves where the Goddess was worshipped, where the Temple or cave would represent the Goddess and the congregation would enter the Temple through the vaginal entrance.
So the entrance of the Temple or cave would be seen as being very sacred because if the Temple or cave represents the Great Mother then it’s entrance would be the place where she gave birth to the whole world. The Masons also call this entrance, “The royal arch” which I will discuss later on.
[From the book Freemasonry by W. Kirk MacNulty.]

What we see in this drawing is that to get to the Temple itself you have to pass through three separate gates as there are three walls protecting the Temple. Which is similar to Freemasonry itself because Masonry in its original form had three degrees before a candidate became a true Mason.
If Solomon’s Temple represents Freemasonry itself, then it could also have a deeper meaning. Perhaps it might be suggesting that most Masons only go as far as the outer courtyard of the Temple. A lesser number get within the second courtyard and only a few members get inside the Temple itself. What is interesting about the Solomon’s Temple is that it was a Goddess Temple. This is the reason why Solomon was condemned in the Bible in his later years for turning his back on Yahweh, because he worshipped the Goddess Asherah.
So this is similar to the pyramid image on the USA one dollar. The base of the pyramid is for the ordinary Freemasons, which is the outer courtyard. Then some become part of another organisation that is represented by the capstone, which is the second courtyard. Then within this organisation is a Goddess organisation. Represented by the eye and the case of the Temple image represented by Solomon’s Goddess Temple.
In Freemason initiations they act out the murder of Hiram Abiff, the builder of Solomon's Temple. Hiram Abiff is referred to as "The son of the Widow", which is curious as in our patriarchal society a person is generally referred to by his father whom he carries on his name. So the reference to his mother suggests matrilineal succession, which was common in old matriarchal societies. Though Freemasons themselves have another explanation for this. In the Egyptians Legend of the Goddess Isis, her husband the God Osiris was killed by his brother Set and cut up into many pieces. Then Isis found all the pieces and put him back together again and mated with him. Then from this union was born the God Horus. So this suggests that son of the Widow would be Horus as his mother was a widow when he was born. This then suggests that Hiram Abiff was the God Horus, which doesn’t take us anywhere and is probably a red herring.
Hiram Abiff was a King from another land and invited by Solomon to build his temple. So this tells us that Hiram Abiff wasn’t a Jew. He didn’t come alone but also with an army of workers. Which is all a bit strange in having another King from another land coming to build a Temple with his own workers. It suggests a very close bond between the two kings. This wasn’t the only ruler that visited Israel; the Queen of Sheba also came to meet Solomon. Though the importance of this visit was never made clear in the Bible. So it does suggests that Solomon was open to influences outside of Israel.
In the Bible it doesn't say Hiram Abiff was murdered and that the Temple was finished, while in Freemasonry tradition it says that because of the murder of Hiram Abiff, it was left unfinished. This discrepancy may be telling us the aim and purpose of Freemasonry. King Solomon may have tried to promote Goddess worship in Israel, but after his death the followers of Yahweh become increasingly stronger. Perhaps the unfinished Temple means the unfinished attempt by Solomon to re-establish Goddess worship, in Israel. The fact that Hiram Above was murdered, is probably a reference to how patriarchy gained ascendancy over matriarchy, that is by violence.
The murder of Hiram Abiff also has a controversial point to it. When he was murdered the assassins buried the body to conceal what they had done. When it was realised that he was missing a search was made for him and his body was discovered and reburied. Some people have seen the similarity between this story and the crucifixion of Jesus, claiming that this is a death and rebirth story. Masons deny this, pointing out that Hiram Abiff didn't come back to life and was only reburied. Though if Freemasons claim that Hiram Abiff is the Egyptian God Horus then he is part of a death/rebirth story.
The point about the story is that Hiram Abiff had a secret, which he wouldn't reveal to his attackers. If this secret is Goddess worship, then it again reveals Freemasonry history. If Hiram Abiff represents the mystery teachings of Goddess religions, then in the past it was destroyed by violence, and buried underground. Freemasons have since re-discovered this body of knowledge and have reburied it in a safer place where they know where it is.
Even if the Freemasons started off with an ideal of returning a Goddess religion it doesn't necessarily mean that its leaders share this ideal today, because if they are all men, then they would have to surrender their power to women. The only thing that really makes sense is that there are people who want to preserve knowledge from very ancient times, so this knowledge can be revealed to the public when the time is right.
There's some justification for believing this; in the time of Renaissances in the 8th, 9th and 12th centuries, when the Church briefly relaxed its repression. A great deal of ancient knowledge was suddenly “discovered”. Like the works of Greek philosophises Aristotle and Plato. These works must of been hidden somewhere while the Christians were destroying anything associated with Paganism. Though it does seem that much of writing from Ancient Greece was preserved in Islamic countries, which was a more enlightened religion at the time than Christianity.
The people caring for these ancient scrolls will have to be rich and well educated, because scrolls will over time deteriorate and have to be copied out again. Also it would be far easier for a rich person to find a place to conceal scrolls than a poor person. So this knowledge could come down through old and powerful families, though even here, there could be dangers, as the opinions and beliefs of a father may not be the same as his sons. So a secret society has to be created to make sure that whosoever the secrets are passed on to, are trustworthy. They would do this through complex initiations, to find out the true nature of the people they allow within the society. Only revealing the true nature of the organisation to people whom they find are sympathetic towards the knowledge of pre-Christian, Goddess religions.
It is well known that it was Freemasons who engineered the American War of Independence. When the American constitution was drawn up it was stated within it that. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free practice thereof". Since then nearly all other Western countries have passed laws giving its people the freedom to belong to any religion they want to. So in theory any knowledge of ancient Goddess religions could have been revealed in recent times with no fear of persecution, the fact that no such knowledge was revealed then, or since, means that this knowledge has been lost and only the symbols still remain. Or the keepers of this knowledge, still think that Goddess worship is unacceptable to most people in our society.
When Pamela Suffield and I wrote Gospel of the Goddess at the end of the 1980s we put forward the idea that we are moving towards a new feminine matercentric age. Even many of our own friends found such a suggestion to be completely unacceptable. So if we are looking for a secret that is even still taboo in today's society then this would be a very strong possibility.
For years I have been interested in not only Goddess worship but also the concept of a Matriarchal societies of the past. Unfortunately I have found that among scholars this is very much a taboo subject to the degree that there seems to be a campaign to censor this knowledge, so that the general public are unaware of this possibility.
Yet we don’t have to go to pre-history to find matriarchal societies, the shocking fact is that they exist in today’s world. The biggest is the The Minangkabau people in Western Sumatra which numbers about 4 million people and is the largest and most stable Matriarchal community in the world today. There are also matriarchal communities in China, Tibet and Malaya, which is kept quiet as government officials find this an embarrassment. In Southern India there is a region called Keralal, which again is matriarchal and has a reputation of being a well run, stable and prosperous area. In other parts of India the people of the Lakshadvip and Minicoy islands and the Khasi and Garo people are also matriarchal.
There is evidence of matriarchal communities that survived in Africa up until colonial times. The Biagos Islands of the coast of West Africa have a matriarchal family structure with women being at the head of the family. During the 1940s the anthropologist Eva Meyerowitz, in communicating with the Akan peoples of Ghana also discovered matriarchal customs. In time she was able to write down the history of the Akan people which showed a slow change over many generations from matriarchal to patriarchy. The Berber, Bedouin and Tuareg peoples likewise have matriarchal customs. It is claimed they are descendants of the African Amazons, and even today their women enjoy the rights and freedom more fitting to the Western world than Arab women.
When the first Europeon settlers moved to North America it was discovered the Cherokee, Iroquois, Huron, Pueblo, Hopi and Zuni, Navajo, Innu of St. Lawrence Valley and Zapotec of Mexico all had matriarchal societies, which were undermined by the upheaval of the European invasion.
The Basque people of France and Spain were matriarchal in historic times, and the Inquisition and the Medieval Witch-hunts finally destroyed their matriarchal customs. While the Saami, reindeer herders of Lapland were also was matriarchal up to recent times. There are legends that the Czech people were matriarchal up until the sixth or seventh century. Where it seems that after the last matriarchal ruler called Libuse had died, there was a patriarchal take over. In this legend the women fought back led by two women warriors called Vlasta and Sarka. After a very long and vicious war the men finally won and imposed patriarchy on the women. The Gypsies were also matriarchal up until recent times when they were influenced by the surrounding patriarchal society. Before the 18th and 19th centuries Gypsies were ruled by Queens, then during this period male Kings slowly took over and have since ruled the Gypsy people. Though some Matriarchal customs still remain within Gypsy society.
I have been informed that there are over 150 matriarchal communities all over the world, but we never hear about this, in either the mainstream or alternative media.
The assumption that all human societies are “naturally” patriarchy is false. There are also many cases of egalitarian socialites (where men and women are equal), all over the world.
The San people of the Kalahari desert of Botswana and Namibia, the Hadza people of Tanzania, the Cuiva people in South America, Vanatinai of Sudest island in the Coral Sea, The Chukchi people of Siberia, The Nayaka, Pandaram and Paliyan in India, the Agta and Batak in Philippines, the Batek in Malaysia and the Pintupi, and Warlpiri and Cape York Aborigines in Australia. All have strict customs limiting aggressive masculine behaviour and preventing too much wealth and power to be placed in the hands of one individual. Which allows for an egalitarian society.
This Mason symbolic picture is called, “The Three Ruffians” with refers to the murder of Hiram Abiff. What is surprising about this picture is that an old man and a woman are two of the ruffians! We can make sense of this if we assume Hiram Abiff represented Goddess worship. What killed Goddess worship were violent young men led by warlords and patriarchal priests who introduced the concept of male gods then later women themselves brainwashed their daughters into accepting male rulers and gods. Even today, it is women who carry out the barbaric practice of genital mutilation of young girls in Islamic countries.
One of the ruffians is using a mallet used by Masons and is used in Freemason symbolism. Suggesting also that many Freemasons themselves are working against the possible return of the Goddess. Probably because Freemasons in positions of wealth and power do not want their privileges undermined by the return of a Goddess religion and matriarchy.
The old man has a pyramid symbol on his clothing, with a sort of steeple within it, which is a phallic symbol representing masculine power, and perhaps the Christian Church. While the female has a mason square in her hand which is a V shaped, representing feminine power, used to support patriarchy.


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