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The symbolism of Freemasonry suggests it is a Goddess religion. Now the problem with this is that it would be hard for a secret Goddess religion to survive in a world dominated by violent and ruthless patriarchal religions, because over many generations the secrets of any secret society will eventually be betrayed to the ruling elite.
In the past we have seen how ruthless the Church has been, through the massacre of the Gnostics, Cathars, Knight’s Templar and the Witches. So if Freemasonry is a secret Goddess religion how has it escaped the same fate? The answer might be because as the Freemasons are an occult group they were able to use the occult to save themselves.
The occult means, “hidden knowledge”, and some people imagine that this hidden knowledge would only be about creating better magical spells. Yet magic is not that effective unless the practitioner understands what it is, that makes magic work. All of us have to power to do magic, the only difference between a true magician and a normal person is that the magician is conscious of his or her power and knows how to use it. While most ordinary people are blissfully unaware of their power and create the world they live in on the unconscious level.
So it means that a Secret Occult Group who knows the secret that, “we all create our own reality”, will be very powerful in a world where the majority of people are unaware of this power. This then means that this occult group can use their power to create their own reality to ensure they will be never be caught or betrayed. In other words they can create a reality for themselves that ensures no harm comes to them or their love ones. The problem is that in passing this knowledge down over many generations somebody is going to get it all wrong. The knowledge may not get passed down properly and so the occult group can begin to loose their power. This would be true in the case of the Knights Templar and Witchcraft in the Middle-Ages. There would be no way they could be persecuted in the way they were, if they were aware of their power. As with many occult groups the teachings can get corrupted over many generations. To the degree that people start to believe that the power is in the words and ceremonies they use, and lose the knowledge that the power is within their own minds.
The Witch hunts may of brought about a savage form of evolution, in that only Witches with the true knowledge of the power of the mind survived.
So the secret history of the world is about sheep, wolves and goats. The sheep being ordinary people who are totally unaware of the power of the mind, then there are the wolves who are very aware of the power of the mind and use this power to gain personal wealth and power over other people. Then there are the goats who also are aware of the power the mind but use it to help others. Though it is possible for some people to be both a wolf and goat at the same time, in using mind power to help themselves and others.
Now any secret society is going to end up having both wolves and goats as its members. So even if it starts off with a strong ideal of using its power to help the sheep. Over a few generations the membership can change until it is dominated by wolves who will use their power for personal gain. Likewise the opposite can happen. A priesthood can be created with the purpose to gain power over the people but over many generations some of these priests may gain a conscience and see the harm they are doing to ordinary people. Like giving out negative beliefs that God is judgmental and cruel. So you may find a ruler, high priests or a pope who will change the teachings to give the people a more positive attitude towards themselves. Or you may find individual members of the Priesthood who are not interested in personal gain. An example of this is St Francis Of Assisi, (1181-1226) who attempted to give the people more positive ideas about Christianity.
Over the last two thousand years we can see that the priesthood of religions like Christianity, Islam and Buddhism has dominated the world. These religions would be dominated mostly by wolves as the priesthood of all these religions have become very powerful and have given the people fatalistic teachings that have made them powerless. Yet secret Occult organisations have fought back like Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Alchemists and Witches in Christian countries and the Sufi in Islam countries. People in these organisations would mostly be goats because they wouldn’t achieve the same wealth and power belonging to a secret organisation as belonging to the establishment priesthood.
Over many generations it seems that the power of the Christian priesthood declined. Probably because they began to forget that there power comes from their own minds and began to rely too much on material power. While the power of the Freemasons grew, because being ruthlessly persecuted it meant that only the members who were very aware of the power of the mind survived. Yet if as claimed by conspiracy theorist that Freemasons now rule the world it is more likely that Freemasonry has now been taken over by wolves. Simply because the wolves will always go were the power is, and if it is no longer in the Christian Church, they will desert the Church and join the groups were the real power is. So the paradox could be that this could end up that goats will dominate the Christian Church and Freemasonry dominated by wolves. The proof that the wolves are still very much in charge whether they are Freemasons or not comes from Keynesian economics.
When I was a school in the 1950s I was taught that Keynesian economics was how the Western world got out of the economic Depression of the 1930s and was also the reason for the post war economic boom.
The way this theory worked was to bring full employment to the whole economy. Where there was high unemployment like in North America and Europe in the 1930s, governments simply invent jobs like building roads and other public works to give the unemployed a good wage. The result was that everyone would have money to spare to pay for goods. This in turn would increase demand, allowing factories to go into full production. The increase in productions means the factories could employ more workers and have bigger profits. Which gives a big boost to the economy. So in theory everyone would benefit, the workers, retailers and industry. It seems to good to be true, it was a win-win situation for everyone.
The problem with having full employment was that it gave greater power to the workers and the trade unions. This was because if any worker didn’t like the wages or conditions of his job he was free to go and get a job elsewhere. This meant that the bosses had to give into worker demands or he could quickly lose his workforce. The result was that worker wages kept on steadily rising from the end of the Second World War to the end of the 1980s, as did inflation. The result was that during this period the gap between rich and poor was slowly decreasing. Which wasn’t good new for the rich.
The problem also for the rich was that the two largest countries in the world, namely the USSR and China had become Communist states. So the West was in competition with the Communist countries for the hearts and minds of the people. Keynesian then suited Western ruling elite very well because they could rightly say to their workers that they were far better of living in a Western democracy than in a Communist country.
Then in the 1970s things began to change for the Communist. The Soviet Union was finding it very hard to keep up with the arms race with the USA. They had all ready had to drop out of the space race as they no longer could afford the expensive rockets needed to put a man on the Moon. While in China the Chinese leader Mao-Tse-Tung had died in 1976 and the leaders who took over no longer wanted to continue with the Communist system.
This was a clear sign to Western leaders that they were winning the Cold war against Communism. So at the end of the 1970s some Western countries began to adopt Monetarism. It was sold to the public as a new form of economics, but in fact it wasn’t new at all. It was the type of economics that caused the Wall St crash and depression throughout the West during the 1930s.
In the 1980s all Western countries adopted Monetarism and it didn’t matter if the government at the time was socialist or conservative. The politicians claimed at the time they needed to squeeze inflation out of the economy. What they didn’t say was they way you done this was to have high unemployment which undermined the power of the workers and Trade Unions. This was because the workers had to accept the wages and conditions that the employers gave them or they would be sacked, and out of work. With high unemployment this became a real problem as it now wasn’t easy to get a new job. The result was that worker’s wages demands become less and this stopped inflation in its tracks.
Not only did unemployment dramatically rose throughout the West but the West went into a “Recession”, (Just another name for a Depression like we had in the 1930s). The only people who benefited from this was the rich. Since the early 1980s the gap between rich and poor has greatly increased.
Off course the so-called “free press” of the Western countries made no mention of this in their newspapers. Neither did the so-called left wing socialist parties, simply because all newspapers and TV channels are owned by very rich men. Likewise the leaders of left wing parties are not exactly poor either and personally benefit from the increasing gap between rich and poor.
So it means that Keynesian economics is about giving more power and wealth to the people, while Monetarism is about keeping power and wealth exclusively in the hands of the ruling elite. As Monetarism has been adopted throughout the world it means that the wolves are still in charge. Yet we do see other signs they show that there are attempts to bring more power to the people like the emancipation of women. So perhaps it is both goats and wolves who are in charge. It may be that the ruling elite may want to bring about a utopian “New World Order” but not yet. After all if they was going to give power to the people or to women they would lose their power.
So even it the ruling elite have ideals about creating a utopian world they will find the idea of giving up power very difficult. So even if the Freemasons are ruling the world they now are the establishment and as such would have to same attitudes and the Christian priesthood they wrestled power away from. If the common people or women are to have power then it is very unlikely that the ruling elite will give it to them. This means the only way the people can have power is for them to take it themselves, and the only way that could happen if the secret of Mind Power become common knowledge. Unfortunately in this is not easy, as explained in the Tao-Te-Ching.-

When the superior scholar is told of the Tao,
He works hard to practise it.
When the middling scholar is told of the Tao,
It seems that sometimes he keeps it and sometimes he loses it.
When the inferior scholar is told of the Tao, he laughs aloud at it.
If it were not laughed at, it would not be sufficient to be Tao.

This then is the problem. Concepts like, we create our own reality, or that our Creatrix in feminine in nature, are not universally believed, which I find perfectly understandable, because personally, it took years for me to accept and fully understand these concepts. Yet some of these teaching have found their ways into the lives of ordinary people. Like in the New Thought movement that was started in the USA during the 19th century. If was from New Thought the ideas like “positive thinking” came from. What is not realised by many people is that magic and positive thinking are exactly the same thing. The only difference is that positive thinking mostly uses affirmations and visualisations, while magic mostly uses ceremonies and rituals.
Many people are very hostile against the idea that we live in a world of mind, for the following reasons.
1. It doesn’t seem to fit in with our personal experiences. We may try to “will” something to happen but it doesn’t seem to work. What is not realised is that we create our reality through our unconscious minds. So if we want change our reality we have to re-programme our unconscious thoughts.
2 If we accept we create our own reality then in means we are responsible for our lives. Which is something that not all people want to do. It is easier to blame fate, God or other people for things that go wrong. We are in truth at the mercy of fate or other people while we believe we are powerless. It is only when we start to re-programme our unconscious minds that we then can take responsibly for our lives.
3. Some people are very frightened of the idea that what we think can create our reality. This is because they know they have very little control over their thoughts and feelings. Not realising that if they study this subject they can find ways to learn how to do this.
4 Although some people can see the logic that we live in a world of mind, they can be put off by the hard work needed to gain control of our lives. Many people want instant fixes, and unfortunately some positive thinking books encourage this way of thinking, by telling the reader how easy it all is. Whereas in truth most people have to go through years of meditation and other spiritual exercises to learn how to gain control of their minds and lives.
So although many occult groups keep their work secret, the truth is that they don’t have to because if they were to openly talk about it, they wouldn’t be believed anyway. This then is why it is mostly the wolves that rule our world. Secret Occult Groups can get themselves into positions of wealth and power simply because there is so little competition from the sheep.
The good news is that we all have the power to collectively create a caring world of abundance and happiness. The bad news is that most people seem to be unaware of this and even resistant to these ideas. This is why the Freemasons can clearly tell the world their secrets in their symbols and very few people understand them.
Yet things are changing for the better. Occult knowledge is leaking out, and it started with the New Thought, or Mental Science movement in America in the 19th century.
New Thought come out of the work of a Austrian Freemason Doctor, Franz Anton Mesmer, (1734-1815). As a young man he experimented with magnets as a way to cure his patients and it seems was successful. Then he discovered he could get the curative effects without magnets. Trying to make sense out of this he formed a theory of Animal Magnetism and using this theory found he was able to effectively cure many people. This brought about the hostility of other doctors in Vienna and he was forced to move. He travelled to Paris and caused a sensation with the way he was able to cure so many people. Then he was investigated by a panel of doctors that included the Freemason Benjamin Franklin, who managed to establish that Animal Magnetism didn’t exist.
The shooting down of Mesmer’s Animal Magnetism theory wasn’t the end of the story because no one could come up with a sensible explanation for the reason for Mesmer’s ability to cure his patients. Other people leant from Mesmer and from this came the practice of Mesmerism. Later on Mesmerism was to be called the more respectable name of hypnotism.
Mesmerist in the 19th century used their powers in very much the same was as hypnotist do today. With many using it as a form of entertainment by hypnotising people, but others tried to continue Mesmer’s work and use it for healing. One of these stage mesmerists was Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (1802-66) who practised in USA. In his act he had another young man called Lucius Burkmar whom he would mesmerise. Then as a side line Burkmar would also diagnose illness while a trance. Then he would give to patients methods they could cure themselves, that outraged Quimby, because some of these cures seemed to be nonsensical. Yet he was to find they worked when the patients tried them out. Burkmar even cured the sceptical Quimby of back trouble using another cranky cure. Quimby then came to the conclusion that it must be the mind that was affecting these cures. He reasoned that if Burkmar could give patients methods of treatment that seem to appeal to their deepest beliefs, then it would heal them. (A better explaination would be that Burkmar was giving treatments that appealed to the patient’s unconscious mind. But this was before Freud make his ground breaking discoveries.)
Quimby set himself up as a full time healer and became very successful using the principle that it was the mind that healed people. One of the people he successfully healed was Mary Baker Eddy. She began to study his method of healing but they soon came to a disagreement. As she was a committed Christian she claimed it was only God who could give healing, while Quimby saw his treatment in term of a mind cure. This was to cause a spit between the followers of Quimby and Mary Baker Eddy. Yet in some ways it doesn’t really matter whether you say it is God or simply the Mind that does the healing, both methods work.
Mary Baker Eddy went on to create the Christian sect Christian Science. Unfortunately her very authorisation manner alienated some of the more talented healers her organisation, resulting in some leaving to form their own versions of Christian Science. One of these people was Emma Curtis Hopkins, she had a far more open-minded approach to healing. She took New Thought away from the idea it was just a mind cure or a Christian Doctrine into the realm of Mysticism. Where she put forward the concept that we are all of One Mind. She also became known as the, “teachers of teachers”, this was because her pupils started the three major New thought organisations after Christian Science. Two of her pupils Nona L. Brooks and Melinda Cramer, were the founders of Divine Science. Another two, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore started Unity. While Ernest S. Homes who was one of her last pupils founded the Church of Religious Science. She even had something to teach about the future roles of men and women, to quote.-
Not only did her school encourage women to take these leadership roles, but she actually based her theology on an interpretation of the Trinity based on ideas initiated by Joachim of Fiore which stated that there were three eras in the history of this traditional trio. The first was the patriarchal idea of "God the Father", the second was a time of freedom for the general population which was signified by the birth of Jesus, and the third, "the Spirit, the Truth-Principle, or the Mother-Principle," focused on the power of women.
Ernest Holmes went on to teach Norman Vincent Peale who was a Freemason. He wrote many popular books on Mind Science and managed to bring these ideas to the general public in the form of “positive thinking”.
Since the time of Freud and his discovery of the unconscious mind it has been easier to explain how “New Thought” works. It seems that the unconscious mind controls everything about our lives, how we think and feel and the reality we live in. As many people have discovered the conscious mind seems to be helpless in the face of the power of the unconscious mind. Unless we understand what is its function. What modern “New Thought” or “Positive Thinking” writers and discovering is that the unconscious mind acts like a computer while the conscious mind is its programmer. So the job of the conscious mind is simply to programme the unconscious mind. Or reprogram the unconscious mind, when it has programmes within it that are not helpful. Today this is mostly done through affirmations and visualisation but in the past, occult groups done this through ceremony and ritual.
As Freemason George Steinmetz was to write in his book “Freemasonry Its Hidden Meaning”. -
Through its careful and secret teaching Freemasonry has preserved knowledge of Mental Science through the dark ages of ignorance, so that in our more enlightened day, when a man has the right to think for himself and express those thoughts openly, the great storehouse of knowledge is found stocked with the fundamental ideas.
Like in most things esoteric we find there is Freemasonry involvement. Like the fact one of the most important New Thought organisations Christian Science uses the symbol of the crown and the cross. Which is also a Freemasonry symbol. The crown also has five points on it. So if it was laid out flat it would be a five pointed star or Pentagram. As previously explained the Pentagram is associated with the Rose, so it is sort of Rosy Cross symbol, as used by the Rosicrucians. The cross also goes through the crown showing a obvious sexual association. Though it is also a symbol of unity of making the masculine and feminine One. Christian Science was also the first Christian sect to put forward the concept of a Father and Mother god and so help to bring back the Goddess. It was also the first Christian Sect to be started and led solely by a woman, Mary Baker Eddy. Her first husband Colonel George Washington Glover was a Freemason. She had some of her writings published in "Freemason's Monthly Magazine" and many early Christian Scientists leaders under Mary Baker Eddy were also Freemasons.
Also organisations like the Theosophical society and the Golden Dawn were also created in the 19th century bringing to Christian countries many Eastern and Pagan spiritual beliefs. Then in the 1950s Gerald Gardner started Witchcraft. These three organisations have very direct and clear Freemasonry connections. From all these organisations the New Age movement was created which allows ordinary people like me, to gain access to esoteric teachings.
Though it seems not all Freemasons want to give out their Occult secrets. Benjamin Franklin was hostile to the work of Mesmer. It suggests that either Franklin didn’t get involved in the occult side of Freemasonry, or he would of realised what was causing these cures. Or he believed that Mesmer was discovering occult secrets that he didn’t want the general public to know about. So it could be that some Freemasons want to inform the public of their secret occult knowledge while others are against this.
Yet slowly this is filtering into the mainstream where you can find New Age ideas being written about in women’s magazines. Positive thinking is also becoming “respectable” and being taken up by the business and sports people because they find that it works. So there are signs that there are some people within the Freemasons and other Secret Occult Organisations are attempting to give out their secrets to ordinary people. This is in truth is the only way we can create a better world for us all, on both the personal and collective levels. Is to give out the secrets that our Creator is a Mother Goddess who gives us unconditional love, and that we are infant Gods and Goddesses who have the power to be whatever we want to be.

[The Cross and the Crown symbol is used both by Freemasonry and Christian Science. Suggesting a connection between the two organizations. Which was confirmed when The Freemasons dedicated a 11 ft granite pyramid at the 100th year of Mary Baker Eddy’s birth at her birthplace but this Pyramid was later destroyed by Christian Scientists who didn’t want their sect publicly associated with Freemasonry.]




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The images in this book come from book “Freemasonry”, by W. Kirk MacNulty. And from the internet. Additional images have come from the books “The Once and Future Goddess”. by Elinor W. Gadon, “The Ancient British Goddess” by Kathy Jones and “Kali, The Feminine Force” by Ajit Mookerjee


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