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Chapter Seven - Freemasonry And The Devil

This is a Drawing of Baphomet a Freemason and Knights Templar diety. It was the worship of Baphomet that was one of the reasons why the Roman Catholic Church destroyed the Knights Templar. To most people this would be a drawing of the Devil, but what is interesting about this picture is that this Devil has female breasts! Some Occult commentators will go as far as claiming that the Devil is a hermaphrodite, but will not admit that it might be female.
This is not unusual and other pictures of the Devil in Medieval times also show feminine features, showing us the true nature of the Devil. So why do Freemasonry Symbolic drawing show the Devil as female?
Many people even today still believe that Witches worshiped a Christian God called the Devil. This belief came from the "confessions" by Witches made under torture. It must be remembered that Christians then accused all other religions and rival Christian sects of being "Devil worshippers". The confessions by Witches under torture would be very suspect, as they would only be confessing to what the torturers wanted them to say. More serious research suggests that the medieval Witches were worshipping a Goddess, which would make them a rival religion to Christianity. Dr Margaret Murray in her two books “The Witch-Cult in Western Europe” and “The God of the Witches” has shown that Witchcraft was the remains of an Ancient pagan religion. She has been savagely attacked for having this view, but no one else has come up with a more creditable reason for the existence of Witchcraft.
In the occult there is a truism that; “As new religions replace older religions, the deities of the old religion become the devils of the new religion.” This is because the priests of new religions in a effort to attract new followers attempt to discredit the deities of established religions. This is true of Baal-Zebub a Philistia God who was known as the “Lord Of Flies”. He was later to become known Beelzebub “The prince of devils” in the Bible. So clearly he was once an important god that had to be discredited by the emerging Jewish faith, because he was probably too popular and represented serious competition to the Jewish god Jehovah. It seemed that this also happened when ancient Goddess religions were replaced with patriarchal religions. The evil gods of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are called either the Devil, Satan or Lucifer. What is not so well know is that all these deities were once Goddesses of older religions.
There is a mystery about the name of Egyptian Goddess Isis. All other ancient Egyptian deities like Ra, Horus or Nut are known by their Egyptian names but Isis is always referred to by only a Greek translation. A clue to this mystery is that the Egyptian name of the Goddess Isis was called As Set. Now the problem with this, is that it was from the God Set or Seth comes the word Satan.
The Goddess Isis in her original form was the Egyptian Great Mother or "Queen of heaven". Where she ruled alone and was seen as the Creatrix. Then she had a son called Osiris, those name means in ancient Egyptian "son of Isis", or in Egyptian “son of As Set”, in time Osiris became Isis brother and then her husband. When he became her husband Isis had another son called Horus, though in his original form he was lame and deformed because he was only born of the mother and was without a father. Horus also had a twin bother called Set or Sut, from which the word Satan comes from, he was the evil brother that opposed Horus and was responsible for murdering Osiris. In later versions of the story he cut up Osiris into fourteen pieces but then Osiris was brought back to life by Isis and became Horus. In others versions of this story Set was Osiris brother, and Osiris fathered Horus. Yet Set as it turned out was an older God than either Osiris or Horus, and he was once a benevolent God. Set in Egyptian also means "Queen" or "Princess" and Au Set means "exceeding Queen". So it seems that Set was once the Goddess Isis.
It seems that Set or Sata was the original Egyptian Mother Goddess and Egypt was once known as the Land of Sata. Then Set became both male and female with the feminine version being As Set or Isis as in the Greek translation. The male Set was then known as a benevolent serpent god who would die and be reborn in the womb of the Mother Goddess, As Set. Later on the male Set became a evil god and the god Osiris took his place. So a new story was created, in this version As Set or Isis would swallow Osiris whole and then he would be reborn from her as the God Horus. Then in later versions of the same story; it was male Set who murdered Osiris and cut him up into many pieces and it was the female Set or As Set who put him back together again.
The religion of Isis later became very popular in Greece and the Roman Empire, which created a problem when Rome became Christian, because the Judeo-Christian devil was called Satan, which was the same name of a very popular Goddess Isis. So not wanting to cause trouble with the followers of Isis, the Egyptian name of Isis had to be censored in Europe.
Another popular name for the Devil is Lucifer who was known as “The Light bringer”. Now in Latin Lucifer means Morning Star and the Morning Star is Venus named after a Roman Goddess, who was originally a tribal pre-Roman Great Mother in ancient times. It many cultures planet Venus is named after Goddesses like Ishtar the Babylonian Goddess who was known in Revelation in the Bible as the “Great Whore” or the “Mother Of Harlots”. Interestingly Jesus in Revelations calls himself “The Bright Morning Star” (chapter 22 verse 16), suggesting that he is also Lucifer.

[This is the Devil card from a Medieval tarot pack, if we look at it closely we find the Devil has breasts and the wide hips of a woman.]
The Word Devil comes from the ancient Indo-European word Devi which means Goddess and is still used in India today to mean both Goddess and women. It is also from the word Devi we get the words divine and divinity. (It is not unusual to have feminine words degraded in this way. The word cunt is a swear word in our society. Yet it comes from the Goddess Cunti or Kunda and from this word comes the words kin, (family), kind and country). In the original medieval Tarot pack, the Devil card is shown as having female breasts and wide feminine hips. Only in later versions of the Tarot does the Devil become a male. This was also true of the Knights Templars whom were also accused of worshipping an Evil god called Baphomet. Yet pictures of this god show “him” to have female breasts. Some occults noticing this, claim that the Devil and Baphomet were hermaphrodites. Yet this is not really shown on the Devils card in Medieval Tarot cards. Note the fact that the devil seems to have female breasts wide hips and slim waist of a woman In the past many Goddesses became hermaphrodites and then later became male Gods. So hermaphrodite Deities existed during the changeover from matriarchy to patriarchy. Interesting this is happening today in Christianity. At one time it was strict dogma that the Christian God was a male Father God. Then in the 19th century Mary Baker Eddy the founder of Christian Science, used the term “Father and Mother God” in her book “Science and Health”. Then a hundred years later at the end of the 20th century other Christian sects in the age of political correctness have taken up this idea and claimed, “God has no gender”.
Though I think you would get an argument if you suggested that their God was now a hermaphrodite. In much the same way you would get an argument if you suggested that Christian Women Priests are Priestesses.
Another common name for the Devil was “Old Nick” and this name surprisingly come from the St Nicholas the Christian version of Santa Claus or Father Christmas. In pre-Christian times he was known as the Norse god Hold Nickar, but going back even further the name Hold, was also know as Hel, who was a Goddess. It was also from the Goddess Hel that we get the Christian word Hell, as she was a Goddess of the underworld. So this is another case of a Goddess changing into a God.
Another Norse god that became a Devil was the god Loki. Like the male Set and or Osiris and many other sacrificial gods like Orpheus, Dionysus, Bacchus, Mithras, Pan, Odin, Bader and the Gnositic Jesus he sacrificed himself to the Mother Goddess. In earlier versions of the stories of Loki he was a hermaphrodite god who was also a Mother. It seems that the gods who were originally Goddesses are the ones who become Devils in later patriarchal religions.
The word Demon means to Christians an evil spirit. Yet it comes for the Greek word Daimon that means simply the soul or guardian angel. So again it was turned into something evil simply because it had Pagan origins. The Gnostics have done a similar trick to Judaism. They called Jehovah the Demiurge who is a false God that has deceived mankind. So in effect, turning him into a sort of Devil.
The fact that many ancient Goddesses were turned into gods and then made into evil gods means they must have been once very popular and important to the common people. Political minded priests don’t put a lot of effort in discrediting deities through propaganda unless they see these Goddesses as a threat to their power. It is also a truism that; “it is the winners that write history”. This means that the new patriarchal religions like Christianity and Islam came out on top and rewrote history to discredit the most prominent and important deities of the religions they fought against.
So it is of interest that Freemasons have also been accused of being Devil worshippers by ex-members who have since rejected Masonry. This might be just sour grapes or there might be some truth in this. Albert Pike is quoted as saying
"Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the spirit of darkness! Lucifer, The Son of The Morning! Is it he who bears the light . .? Doubt it Not!"
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky the founder of the Theosophical Society and also a Freemason wrote in her Book “The Secret Doctrine”.
"The Celestial Virgin, which thus becomes the Mother of Gods and Devils at one and the same time; for she is the ever-loving beneficent Deity.” She was to go on and write. “but in antiquity and reality Lucifer or Luciferius is the name. Lucifer is divine and terrestial Light, 'the Holy Ghost' and 'Satan' at one and the same time."
The author Alice Bailey also a Freemason was founder New Age organisation, Lucis Trust. Which she originally called the Lucifer Trust.
Yet is it a problem that Freemasons are worshipping deities that Christians regard as evil? Only if you happen to be a born again Christian. If you think about it, it is an easy way to discredit anyone you don’t agree with, is by condemning them as evil.
Oppression, genocide, war and violence in general is justified through the concept of good and evil. The concept is one of the biggest con tricks ever invented. This can be illustrated by a story about an encounter between Lady Astor and Joseph Stalin. Before the Second World War Lady Astor was a member of a party of British MPs who visited the Soviet Union and were made guests Stalin. Lady Astor being a very out spoken woman verbally attacked Stalin for the millions of peasants that had died, because of his policies of the collectivisation of agriculture and forced industrialisation. He listened to her patiently and then explained that it was very unfortunately that all these people died, but it was needed if the Soviet Union was to become an industrial country and was able to efficiently feed itself in the future. He clearly didn’t see anything wrong with what he was doing, and believed it was necessary to make the Soviet Union a modern prosperous country.
The point is that to many people Joseph Stalin was one of the most evil men in history. Yet he didn’t see himself like this. He honestly saw himself as a good man who was attempting to do the best for his country. Likewise the same can be said of even worse tyrants like Hitler and Po-Pot the Cambodia dictator. Hitler felt justified in the genocide of the Jews and Slavs because in his mind they were an evil and inferior race. This means that in his mind he was a good person, fighting what HE had decided was evil. The same is true of Po-Pot who slaughtered millions of his own countrymen and women who didn’t share his ideal of a perfect society. What is clear is that all these men believed very strongly that, “the ends justified the means”. So in their minds war, violence, torture and genocide were all acceptable in creating, what they believed was a better future for their countries.
I remembered once reading about a prison governor who relating his long experiences dealing with prisoners explained the surprising fact, that most criminals see themselves as good people. It seems that criminals tend to blame society, the police or the system for their crimes, and to be fair, there is some justification for this. As the majority of criminals come from the poorest and least educated sections of society.
This then means that if we divide the world up into good guys and bad guys. We find it is very much a matter of opinion about, who is who. For instance in the conflict in Northern Ireland the Roman Catholic assume it is the Protestant para-militaries and the police who are the bad guys. While the Protestants assume it is the IRA. So with both sides are claiming that the other side are the evil and they off coarse are the good guys, which maked peace talks between the two sides very difficult. The IRA and the Protestant terrorist groups were in a strange collusion, because they justified their existence and actions by the behaviour of the other side. As both sides can point to the atrocities done by the other side to give credence to their violent behaviour. This can keep a cycle of violence going in perpetually.
This is true for every war ever fought. With both sides claiming that they are the good guys while the other side is off coarse evil. This was brought out in the open in the Xmas of 1914 during the First World War. The British and Germans in the trenches began singing Christmas carols with each other, and then calling out to each other over no-mans-land. In the end some soldiers came out trenches and began to talk face-to-face and even organising football matches against each other. Then British and German soldiers began to ask each other. -
“What are you fighting for?”
“For freedom and my country,” came the replied, “what are you fighting for?”
“We are also fighting for freedom and our country.”
Exchanges like this caused many of the soldiers to ask the obvious question.
“Why are we fighting each other?”
Unfortunately no one came up with a sensible answer to this question. The incident greatly worried the politicians and military leaders on both sides as it threatened to turn the whole war into a farce. (Which is what war is, although it is a very tragic farce). In the end “normality and sanity” was restored and both sides went back to murdering each other. The problem this highlights is that war is easy if you believe the people you are fighting are bad or evil. Once you realise they are just human being like yourself, then this greatly undermines the moral justification for wanting to kill or harm other people, in wars.
The result of condemning someone as evil is that it de-humanises him or her. Once it has been agreed that certain people are evil then it becomes acceptable to hurt, torture and kill them. For instance the justification of Europeans to massacre and steal the land of the native people in the Americas and Australia was that they were “savages” and “heathens”. Which are just other de-humanising words like bad and evil. In the American expansion of to the west it is estimated that 5 million native Americans were killed which puts it up in the same league as the genocide committed by Hitler and Po-Pot. While in Australia the whole population of Aborigines on the island of Tasmania were completely wiped out. They also did the same in the state of Victoria.
In many action and adventure films, books and TV programmes the concept of good and evil comes across very strongly. A villain is established; who behaves in an appalling manner and this gives the hero the justification to commit violence and murder. Some commentators claim that these stories are just harmless fun. Yet as any advertising executive knows, people are greatly influenced by what entertains them. So in the end it becomes just another way to indoctrinate people, that hate and violence is perfectly justified.
Even intelligent and academic people can be seduced by the concept of good and evil as in the case of the Christian author and academic C.S Lewis. He wrote a trilogy of Science Fiction books to explore religious themes. I read the first one, Out of the Silent Planet and I thought it was very good book but the second one Journey To Venus shocked and horrified me. In it, he had a hero and a villain travel to Venus, where they find a Garden of Eden complete with a Venusian Adam and Eve. (This was written before spacecraft flew to Venus, to show what an inhospitable planet it is.) Both men then set about influencing this couple’s beliefs. Initially, the villain was more successful, the Venusians preferred to listened to him than the hero. Eventually the hero became desperate, as he seems to be loosing the argument. His solution was to beat up the villain and finally after a long chase he bludgeoned him to death with a rock. The logic being that his actions was justified because the man was evil. C.S. Lewis even explains how the hero de-humanises the villain and thinks of him as no more than an animal. Yet it was an appalling message to give to the Venusians, if you can’t win an argument, kill your opponent! C. S. Lewis was a respected academic. He wrote children’s books, religious books and novels, which are still hugely popular. Yet it’s clear that illusions about good and evil were able to blind even an intelligent man like him.
So it means that the concept of evil is an easy way to de-humanise anyone you don’t like or agree with. The Christians de-humanised the Witches by claiming they were evil Devil worshippers. This justified burning, hanging and torturing millions of people accused of Witchcraft. The irony being was that the Witches were the ones being murdered and tortured and to add insult to injury they were accused of being evil, while the torturers and killers were off coarse “good” people. Christians also accused Jews of being evil long before Hitler done the same thing, and likewise practised genocide against them. So you see how easy it is, just accuse someone you don’t like or agree with as evil and then it seems you are justified in murdering them.
The concept of good and evil has been so ingrained in our culture through centuries of Christian propaganda that when Gardner re-introduced Witchcraft, Witches had to publicly claim they were “White Witches”. White Witches it seems were the goodies and Black Witches were the badies. Which if you think about it is a very racialist concept. I find it surprising that someone hasn’t reported Witchcraft to the race relationship board about this. Once you are able to see through Christian propaganda and conditioning then you realise that the concept of black and white Witchcraft is as stupid as the concept of black and white Christianity or Buddhism.
Anybody studying Freemasonry is soon overwhelmed by the vast amount of symbolism. Symbolism is in the realm of occult groups (occult means "hidden knowledge") and in many ways it acts and looks like an occult organisation. Many well known occultist like Aleister Crowley, Arthur Waite and S.L. MacGregor Mathers where themselves Freemasons. Masons don't call themselves an occult group but some do admit to being a "mystery school". Now mystery schools are pre-Christian and are therefore the teachings of pagan religions. Which in itself is a mystery, because why did some pagan religions need to have mystery schools? Occultists claim that the mystery schools had powerful magical or spiritual knowledge that would be too dangerous if it was given to the general public. This is an elitist argument that doesn't have any foundation. Having been a member of occult groups myself, I have found the "power" they possessed is more show than substance. Though as I have previously pointed out, these Mystery Schools may have had knowledge that was dangerous to the power of the existing ruling class.
Pre-Christian Pagan religions worshipped both Gods and Goddesses, but it was mostly the Goddess Temples that had mystery schools. The reason probably was because, most societies then had become patriarchal and Goddess Temples were coming under increasing pressure to also become patriarchal in character. This would result in many of their Goddess beliefs and teachings becoming increasingly unacceptable to the patriarchal rulers. So to preserve them, mystery schools had to be formed and the followers taught in secret. When Christianity was imposed on the whole of Europe by the Roman Empire, the pagan religions had to go underground. This would then be a possible reason for secret societies like Freemasonry and Rosicrucians coming into being. It would suggest that these secret organisations wanted to preserve ancient pagan religions. This then would make sense of the Freemasonry secret signs, handshakes and code words. A secret underground Pagan religion would need these forms of identification, to recognise each other in a time they were being oppressed, if they were to survive.
This is hinted at by a well-respected Freemason of the nineteenth century called Albert Pike who wrote that in Freemasonry he found, "the cardinal tenet of the old primitive faith, which underlie and are the foundation of all religions". So what is the faith that is the foundation of all religions? If we go back to Neolithic time we do find a worldwide religion that worships the Great Mother, which has been disparaged by modern scholars as a "fertility cult". In spite of the fact it has been found to exist in every culture in the world in ancient times.
Freemasons themselves deny that they are a religion, and to prove this they allow anyone of another religion to become a Freemason. The problem with this is that although modern religions like Christianity and Islam are extremely intolerant of other religions, the ancient pre-Christian Pagans were not. As are modern Hindus which in reality is a Pagan religion that has survived into modern times. Between many different ancient Pagan religions there was a free exchange of teachings, rituals and beliefs. So even in this, Freemasonry is behaving like a Pagan religion.
Some people claim this cannot be true because Freemasons certainly back in the 18th and 19th centuries were stanch Christians, and to be fair probably the majority of them were. Yet how it might work is that the leaders of Freemasonry would feel out their members and discuss other religions other than Christianity. If they find members who are open-minded about other religions they might discuss this more fully. They may then start talking about ancient Pagan religions or Hinduism and see how they react. If the response is still positive then might go further and even suggest the possibility of having a Female Creatrix Goddess. So in this way they can find the members who would be interested in a Goddess religion. If at anytime they get a reaction against these ideas, the leaders can laugh it off and suggest it was only an academic discussion.
So if Freemasonry is a Pagan religion, then its purpose would be to bring back Paganism as a world wide religion, as it used to be before Christianity and Islam became the major religions of the world. If this is true then Paganism may be more powerful within our modern world than we all imagine.
At first glance Witchcraft and Freemasonry look like two very different organisations. The main one being is that up until recently Freemasonry has only allowed men in their ranks. While the word Witch is a feminine name and most of the people tortured and burnt alive in the Witch-hunts were women. Suggesting a female dominated organisation. There cannot be any doubt that the Witch-hunts were successful in stamping out Witchcraft because nothing more is heard of them until modern times. So if Witchcraft was to survive it had to go underground and camouflage itself somehow. To form another organisation with women in it wouldn't have worked. The Witch hunters would of been on to them very quickly as it was normal in those days to exclude women from all organisations. So the only way would be to form a society that looked completely different from Witchcraft and would have to on the face of it, be a very patriarchal organisation. So a rule banning women would make it “respectable” in the eyes of the Witch hunters.
It has to be remembered Witchcraft wasn't only an organisation for the poor; many wealthy women and men were also accused of Witchcraft. Though, through their wealth and connections many escaped arrest. So perhaps Witchcraft was stamped out among the poor but survived among the rich who brought it back in a very disguised form, namely Freemasonry. It may be that in the past many people in Mason guilds were also Witches and may of escaped persecution through a sort of Trade Union solitary. This would attract more Witches into Mason guilds who then created their own breakaway organisation.
When Freemasonry came out in the open in the 18th century it presented itself to be a Christian organisation although today anyone of any religion can join it. Yet its history before the 18th century is largely unknown even it seems to Freemasons themselves. The question we have to ask is why is it unknown? In my research for this book I read a book called, “The History Of Freemasonry” by Albert Mackey who is a respected Freemason historian. In this book he discusses all theories on the origins of Freemason. Like Freemasonry comes from the Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians, Druidism, Gnosticism or even the Romans, and he debunks all these theories. Then having done this, he doesn’t tell us how or where Freemasonry originated, leaving it a mystery. So why do Freemasons even today conceal its origins? The answer could be that Freemasonry did originate from Witchcraft. Which would be shocking to people even in modern times, and give ammunition to people who attack Freemasonry. Yet Witchcraft today is slowing becoming a more respectable religion. Perhaps when it is judged to be respectable enough by the majority of the population, Freemasonry might then reveal its origins to the public.

The illustration above is apparently Freemasons re-enacting the Knights Templar’s worship of Baphomet. The image looks like a person with a Goat’s mask and from the size of her breasts she is clearly a women. This drawing comes from the 18th or 19th century showing us that half naked women were worshipped in Freemasonry lodges. (The wings symbol represents spirit, which means she is a Goddess.) This picture is then a glimpse of the rituals and practises that Freemasonry keep secret. Though whether this goes on today is debatable because in the 19th century Freemasonry was ‘reformed’ and many ancient rituals were discarded.
If this is the case and Freemasons got rid of such practises because they were too shocking, it suggests the reformers had lost contact with the real reason Freemasonry was started. Note also, the gesture of her hands, with one hand pointing upwards and the other downwards in the receiving position. This is a hand gesture of many Freemason Goddesses. It could be the symbol of the occult saying, "As above, so below".