Thursday, 10 January 2008

Chapter Nine - The Pentagram

The image above is off course the Pentagram a very well know occult symbol. It is very old and was once known as the, “Five pointed star of Ishar” an ancient Babylonian Goddess. The problem with the above drawing is that it is the wrong way around. In the occult traditions the upright Pentagram is a symbol of white magic while the inverted pentagram is a symbol of black magic. Some occultists have gone as far as drawing the face of the devil on the inverted Pentagram. With the downward point being his beard and the two upward points being his horns. Though on the image on the left the Occultist who drew it, has called it Lillith, which is a name of a Mesopotamian Goddess. She also appears in Judaism as the first wife of Adam, whom he rejects as she was too bossy. For this reason she became a female Devil with the Jewish religion.

So what are Freemasons doing openly displaying a symbol of black magic? It certainly gives credence to its critics who claim they worship the Devil. If this is puzzling then it gets worse, other occult groups besides Freemasonry use the pentagram like Witchcraft. But we also find pentagrams on the flag of the USA and many other flags of both Communist and Moslem countries.

Also the military command of the USA is in a building called the Pentagon, which is a five-sided building. Why this building was designed and built in this extraordinary manner is never explained, or even commented on. But it strongly points to the fact that the people who decided to have pentagrams on their flags and to build the Pentagon were either Freemasons or Pagans.

Where this symbol comes from no one seems to know. When occultists are asked what this symbol means they say it is a symbol of man. With each point showing the head and two arms and two legs of a man. But other occultists disagree with this and say the Pentagram is the symbol of women and the Hexagram or six-pointed star is the symbol of man. The reasoning behind this is that a woman has five points, while a man, if you count his penis, has six points.

In ancient symbolism the inverted triangle was seen as a symbol of the female sexual region, because it is the shape of her pubic hairs. Archaeologists have found hundreds of these symbols in excavations of Neolithic and Palaeolithic sites, so the inverted triangle is a very ancient symbol that was once revered in religious rites.

[The Pentagram also has within it an inverted triangle, as shown in diagram above, while the rest of the Pentagram would be a symbol of the penis and testicles, as symbolised as an upward pointing arrow head. On the left is the traditional Pentagram and on the right I have drawn the vagina symbol with a thick line and the phallic symbol with a thin line.

What is interesting is that it shows the women on top in this union, showing the women in the "dominant position", and therefore a symbol of Matriarchy. Some occultist claim the Pentagram with the one of the points pointing down is the Pentagram of evil. Now this would be the "missionary position" that patriarchal religions demand. This would then suggest that the Pentagram is telling us that patriarchal is evil. The Hexagram can also be interpreted in the same way.

The Pentagram is also associated with the Rose which was known in Roman times as the Flower of Venus. The rose was also seen as the vagina with the red rose being a woman menstruating while a white rose was a symbol of the Virgin Goddess that later on becomes the Virgin Mary. So the Rosy Cross as used by the Rosicrucians is a phallic and vaginal symbol.

If the Pentagram is so strongly associated with ancient Goddess religions then what are countries today doing with this symbol on their flags? Including Moslem countries who suppress women's rights. Or why does the USA have its military command building as a Pentagon? Do they realise that this could be seen as a Goddess symbol? Perhaps they might. In the last century the statue of Liberty was built as the gateway to America. So why did they choose the image of a giant woman, when all its rulers and establishment then was run by men? No one comments on this fact but in 1989 dissenting Chinese students in Tiananmen Square built a replica of the statue and called it "The Goddess of Freedom" so it was clear to them what this statue represents.

The Statue of Liberty was conceived, financed and built by Freemasons. They even had a Freemasonry ceremony when the statue was dedicated on October 28, 1886, by the then President of USA, Grover Cleveland. French Freemason Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi initiated this colossus. Whom he claimed, "I caught a vision of a magnificent goddess holding aloft a torch in one hand and welcoming all visitors to the land of freedom and opportunity". So clearly in his mind the statue was a Goddess. He also wanted to build a giant statue of the Goddess Isis in Egypt, but as Egypt was then, and now, a Moslem country, this wasn’t a good idea and it fell through. The cost of making and installing this Statue Of Liberty was enormous. The French Freemasons had to raise 3,500,000 French francs, while New York newspaper owner Joseph Pulitzer donated $100,000, which in the1870's was a lot of money.]

[The symbolism of the Statue shows she is a Sun Goddess. We can see this by the ray of the sun coming out of her headdress and the flaming torch she is holding. Though others claim her headdress is the seven-pointed star. Which would be associated with astrology. Others claimed that this torch represents the flame of Illuminati started by Adam Weishaupt, the organisation the conspiracy theories, for some reason, are so obsessed with.

Freemasonry uses the Pentagram both the right way up and upside down. So do they use it to represent both patriarchy and matriarchy? In the Freemasonry downward Pentagram –at the beginning of this chapter - we can see what looks like a coffin in the centre of it. So if the downward Pentagram represents patriarchy, is it suggesting that patriarchy represents death? Or is it forecasting the downfall of patriarchy?]

[Drawing from The Book Freemasonry by W. Kirk MacNulty.This is a very interesting Mason drawing, as it suggests the method of how all the Freemasonry symbolism came into being. Like in many other Mason pictures they seem to be getting a message “from above”. The message is being put on a Witch’s mirror. Everyone knows about using a crystal ball for fortune telling but some mediums use a mirror to do the same thing. If this is so, then what we are seeing here is some form of séance. The medium has his back to us and is directly facing the mirror, so he is probably in a trance. The medium is pointing to symbols laid out on the table in front of him, so he could be answering questions about what these symbols mean. We can see a similar theme in the next drawing. We see a light beam coming from a triangle and an Eye symbol. As these are both Goddess symbols it means that the medium is receiving information from the Goddess.]

[Drawing from The Book Freemasonry by W. Kirk MacNulty. In the picture, we see a king also receive a message from above though he is also clearly a Freemason as well because he is standing on a black and white squared floor that is used in Mason temples. The fact that his is a king is interesting as very many members of royalty are Freemasons. In this picture the Mason is being given instructions on what to draw by the Goddess above the clouds. Which suggest that, this how the symbols of Freemasonry came into being, through the work of mediums. Though we cannot also rule out the possibility of knowledge handed down from pre-Christian times, as well.

On the bottom of this picture it states: The mysteries that are shown are only shown to a Mason known. So what are these mysteries?

In the foreground we see a broken pillar symbolising the destruction of masculine power. Then we see an open doorway going into a long corridor this again is another obvious vagina/Goddess symbol. Above the doorway we see a Goddess seated on a cloud who seems to be giving instructions or teachings to the Mason. Seated next to the Goddess is in a lower position we see the Grim Reaper or Angel of Death symbolised by his scythe the traditional tool of The Grim Reaper. He is offering the Goddess an olive branch. During the patriarchal age war and violence has been the traditional method for men to settle arguments. So in this time the Grim Reaper has been very productive. So the Grim Reaper could be representing patriarchy who oppressed the Goddess on the Earth through violence. For him to now offer the Goddess an olive branch is suggesting he is surrendering to her. The Grim Reaper appears in other Freemasonry symbolism like the Mason symbol of “weep” which I will discuss later on.

On the other side of the Goddess here is also another Angel blowing a horn. In Christian symbolism this probably is symbolising the archangel Michael sounding the last trumpet. Though similar stories are told in Persian, Norse, Hindu and Greek mythology. Which is about the last judgement and the end of the world, which many people have predicted will happen about the year 2,000, which didn’t happen. In this symbolic drawing the last trumpet is clearly not about the end of the world but it could be the end of patriarchy and the return of the Goddess.

In the background we see a tunnel again another vagina/Goddess symbol. Outside the tunnel are men in contemporary dress, when the drawing was created. One man seems to be welcoming the other men inside the tunnel. So it suggests they are Masons being welcomed into the realm of the Goddess.

There are some more symbols in this picture like Astrology symbols, beehives and a pyramid in the background. Which I have already covered.]

[These two Rosicrucian images are of death and rebirth. Showing a couple joined as one (making love) on a crypt. The Tantra in Hinduism also has similar symbolism and has been accused of black magic for performing the sex-act in graveyards. This is a Goddess religion point-of-view where the sexual act and everything to do with giving birth is seen as being sacred.

But Freemasonry also has more acceptable images of death and re-birth called, “The Royal Arch”.]

[The two images above, from the book Freemasonry by W. Kirk MacNulty, represent another favourite Freemason symbol, called the royal arch, which is another vagina symbol. The above pictures shows men walking out of one arch and into another. This could be a symbol of life and death. We come into the world through the vagina then when our bodies die we return to mother Earth, in a grave. In ancient times the bodies of people were placed in a foetal position or buried in caves to empathise the fact of us returning to the Great Mother. (Though off course this is not completely true today with caesarian birth and cremation.)

On the picture on the right the Mason seem to be entering a paradise which, suggests that life after death, is a lot better than life on this Earth.

We can see a similar theme on birth and death in the following Freemason symbolic painting.]

[We can see clearly in this painting the oval shape of the vagina, and in case we have any doubts about this, we can see above it a V shaped bush, representing the pubic hairs of a woman. Inside this shape we see the faint outline of a man, with a V shaped square over his heart. Suggesting that his heart is with the Goddess. At the bottom of the picture are the skull and crossbones, which suggests death. This then again turns this symbolic picture into another birth and death image The oval shape and the man within it are drawn as a shadow, suggesting that the Goddess is hidden behind all the other more well-known Freemason symbols.]